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The new CHASE RSP 4.0 frame represents the very evolution of BMX racing aluminum frames! CHASE continues to innovate with new technologies for BMX and raises the bar even higher!

The CHASE RSP 4.0 frame takes the famous winning geometry used for years by Olympic gold medalist Connor Fields and triple US champion and world champion Joris Daudet. Equipped with triple butted tubes that reduce weight and strength, the Aero clamping system and an internal brake cable passage, the RSP 4.0 is packed with technological details that give it a Factory look, all in harmony with the brand new decor full of new colors!

The small size Mini, Junior and Expert RSP 4.0 have been reduced by 200 grams compared to RSP 3.0. They also feature a 25.4mm Aero seatpost / saddle clamp system, a traditional Euro case, 1-1 / 8 “integrated steering tube and standard 10mm axle open legs.

But it’s about the sizes from the Expert XL where the RSP 4.0 gets really exciting: now they have a 1-1 / 8 “-1.5” tapered integrated steering tube, a bottom bracket Press Fit BB86, Aero seatpost / saddle clamp system mounted in 27.2 mm and now a new system of rear legs with integrated chain tensioners for 10 mm axle, With this system, the RSP 4.0 has been specially designed for receive an adapter and operate with 120mm disc brakes or traditional V-Brake brakes. The cleats themselves have been revised so that they are easier to dismount when the driver chooses the option of disc braking.

Side colors, it is also the novelty that prevails! The RSP 4.0 is available in black and polished, with graphic options in red, blue and neon yellow. There is also a black frame with a blank graphic option. In addition, CHASE offers a limited edition graphic color sand with graphic option in red.

To satisfy all the templates of the drivers, the RSP 4.0 frames are available in 14 different sizes with 2 new sizes: Pro XXXL and Expert Cruiser

11 sizes 20 “: Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro +, Pro XL, Pro XL +, Pro XXL, Pro XXL + and Pro XXXL

3 sizes 24 “: Expert Cruiser, Pro Cruiser and Pro + Cruiser

Another plus offered by CHASE, now every frame RSP 4.0 is sold with a seatpost and a necklace Aero without price increase!

All of this put together, you get the best BMX aluminum frame ever created!

ELEVN offers a disc braking adapter kit for expert sizes XL and above, as well as an Aero system stem extension extender




20″ SizesTTCS minHAOD HSSAAERO SPBBBB TypeWheelsWeight
OD 1-1/8″
70°25,4 mm10,6″Euro20×1-1/8″1136 g
OD 1-1/8″
70°25,4 mm10,6″Euro20×1-1/8″
1169 g
OD 1-1/8″
70°25,4 mm11″Euro20×1-3/8″1179 g
Expert XL20″13,5″73°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
70°27,2 mm11″Press Fit20×1-3/8″
1530 g
Pro20,5″14,25″74°integrated conique
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.50″
1572 g
Pro+20,75″14,25″74°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.751577 g
Pro XL21″14,3″74°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.751590 g
Pro XL+21,25″14,5″74°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.751610 g
Pro XXL21,5″14,5″74°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.751614 g 
Pro XXL+21,75″14,75″74°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.751618 g
Pro XXXL22″14,75″74°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
72,5°27,2 mm11,5″Press Fit20×1.751634 g
24″ SizesTTCS minHAOD HSSAAERO SPBBBB TypeWheelsWeight
Expert Cruiser20,5″14,5″73°integrated
OD 1-1/8″
70°27,2 mm12″Euro24×1-3/8″1225 g
Cruiser Pro21,25″15,25″73°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
69,5°27,2 mm12″Press Fit24×1.751634 g
Cruiser Pro+21,75″15,25″73°integrated tapered
OD 1-1/8″ – 1,5″
69,5°27,2 mm12″Press Fit24×1.751652 g

The Chase race frames were all designed to be strong enough for BMX Pro level racing but also as light as possible. Usage of a Disc brake and disc brake adaptor was not in the original design of these frames, therefor, it is not recommended to use such a brake on the frame, due to the stress these type of brakes put on the frame and dropouts.
Any use of a disc brake adaptor on mini, junior, expert and expert cruiser sizes voids the warranty of the Chase RSP 4.0 frames, as this was not the intended purpose and only a V type brake is.